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Laying, cleaning and maintenance

We recommend leaving space between tiles. The grout joints may vary in width depending on the size of the tiles as well as the intended use of the floor. We always recommend leaving some space: 1,5-2 mm between rectified tiles, and at least 3 mm between non-rectified tiles. The use of grout of an appropriate color, to go with your tiles, will actually highlight the beauty of your surfaces.

Si, si può posare il gres porcellanato sulle pareti. Per farlo bisogna usare le colle speciali per il gres porcellanato. Nel momento di scegliere la colla bisogna tenere in considerazione le condizioni di esercizio, il formato e lo spessore delle piastrelle.

We highly recommend using specific products for porcelain stoneware, as they ensure higher frost resistance and adhesive strength.


Pay close attention to the surface on which you wish to install your tiles. It must be plain and clean; it mustn’t present cracks, holes and major signs of wear.

If you’re not sure, knock on the surface: a dull sound indicates emptiness underneath, which is not good. Unsuitable surfaces will eventually have repercussions on your tiles.


Plaster must be applied so to entirely cover the surface that will come in contact with the base of the tile. This way, the tile will surely stay where installed, despite external factors.

If you wish to be 100% sure about the efficacy of your installation, you may use a technique known as “double spreading”. Use a notched trowel to spread the adhesive on the base of the tile as well as on the surface on which it is to be installed. This ensures that no area on the surface is left without plaster.


Once the installation process is completed, you have 30 to 40 minutes to clean the surface with warm water in order to get rid of residues from the adhesive. We recommend a second, deeper, cleaning process within 3 to 4 days after installation, using special products intended for porcelain stoneware (low-foam, buffered acids like Italon Acid). Always carefully follow the manufacturers’ instructions as found in the box. If the tiles’ surfaces are perfectly cleaned after installation, it will be a lot easier to carry out daily maintenance.

No. Coliseum makes marble effect tiles that do not require any particular scheme of installation. Our porcelain stoneware is not designed to be laid so to recreate a specific pattern, as there is no continuity between the nuances of one tile and the patterns of another. Regardless of size and motifs, our marble effect tiles harmoniously go together in any installation scheme.

Having said that, we still recommend checking the desired installation pattern before laying the tiles, to make sure you’re not going to have two very similar tiles adjacent to each other.


Product technical characteristics

Tiles are produced according to the nominal dimensions. The caliber is the actual size of the tiles found in the boxes. When you are buying porcelain stoneware you need to consider caliber off all tiles present in a laying scheme: the calibers must be the same. If you want to combine more colors or you want to place decorative elements together with tiles in the same room, tell it our partners in the stores to choose the tiles and the decorations of the same caliber.

Porcelain stoneware consists exclusively of natural components: kaolin clays, kaolins, sand, feldspars and pigments. it is not possible to predict how these natural materials will behave in the process of pressing at high pressure and subsequent firing at a temperature of 1250 degrees. It is for that reason that, after finishing the technological cycle, porcelain stoneware is chosen not only according to the caliber, but also according to the shade. Before starting the installation of the porcelain stoneware, check that you have purchased the tiles in the same shade. To do this, look at  the information on the packaging. It is important that all boxes have the same reference - «AB4» or «А48», etc. This is is the specification of the shade. To obtain the perfect aesthetic result, Italon recommends buying porcelain stoneware of the same shade.

Porcelain stoneware is the most advanced kind of ceramic material, characterized by excellent technical qualities, incredibly low water absorption levels and high resistance to mechanical wear and chemical agents.

Porcelain stoneware is made of natural matter (clay, feldspars, sand, etc.) that underwent complex manufacturing cycles. Because of these technological processes, some tiles might present a slight bend. For example, this might occur in long, rectangular, wood effect tiles (20x120 and 22,5x90). A slight bend does not get in the way of a perfect installation, if using the appropriate technique and equipment.

All Coliseum porcelain stoneware tiles are manufactured in accordance with international standards (ISO 10545-2)


No, porcelain stoneware manufactured by Coliseum does not include granite chips as part of the initial mix. We only use natural materials like clay, feldspar and sand.

Product design

Porcelain stoneware is currently the most advanced type of ceramic. Its technical features make it possible to use the porcelain stoneware both inside and outside. It can be used for flooring, for cladding, in the finishing of the facades and basements of buildings, in the realization of small architectural objects and furnishings.

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